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RentTrack can report every payment you make with your property manager so you get credit automatically each month, just for paying rent.

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What is rent reporting?

Until now, to build credit history meant taking on more debt, which is unfair and makes no sense. Traditionally, landlords and property managers have only reported their tenants to credit bureaus for late payments.

We think you deserve to get credit for all those on-time rent payments too — which is why RentTrack pioneered reporting rent payments to all three major credit bureaus.

Now, we can report your rent to all three bureaus — so you can get the credit you deserve.


A new rental tradeline with no added debt on your credit history


A tradeline is the industry's term for an account on your credit report. Those accounts collectively define your credit score. When we process your payment or verify your existing rent payment, we securely report this data to each credit bureau. Every month, you'll see confirmation that your rent was reported.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does rent show up on my credit report?

Your rental payment information will be included as part of your standard credit report. Your rental payment data allows you to establish or build credit history.

Will rent reporting impact my FICO score?

Rent payments are used to formulate your FICO 9 score and VantageScore. You never know what scores lenders will be looking at, so RentTrack reports to all three major credit bureaus.

What type of rent information is in my report?

Your report shows your rental property details and how much your monthly rent payment is. This updates monthly.

How do lenders use my rent information?

Your rental tradeline is used in different scoring models, such as FICO 9 score and VantageScore, and is also accepted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for mortgage decisions.

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We've seen scores increase 29+ points in two months and 132+ points in 2 years.


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Strengthen your credit history


Report 2 years of past rent payments

Your subscription includes the option to report 2 years of previous rent payments at the property where you live.

We see scores increase an average of 132 points in 2 years of reporting.


Protect yourself from the effects of a data breach

One in four people experiences identify theft. Don't leave things to chance in the current climate - stay on top of changes that affect your credit, instantly.


Detect key changes with 24/7 instant alerts.

This is your data, and we keep you in control of it. We're doing more than catching identity theft; we'll let you know if your credit card balances change, or if a late payment is reported.

New Credit Inquiries

New Accounts

New Public Records

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New Addresses

Credit protection is included in your monthly subscription.

Get credit for your rent

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