Use your rent to build credit

RentTrack can report the rent payments you make to Campus Advantage to all three credit bureaus - which means you get credit automatically each month, just for paying rent.

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The easy way to report your rent to all three major credit bureaus

custom-property-report-all-three-1.svg Free score updates

Keep track of your progress with monthly updates on your credit score.

custom-property-report-all-three-2.svg You're in control

There are no setup fees, and you can cancel or stop reporting any time.

custom-property-report-all-three-3.svg Build credit history fast

Report past payments on your current lease as far back as 24 months.

On average, scores increase 51 points over the duration of an average lease.


How RentTrack works for Campus Advantage:


Share lease

Find your lease. Then, follow a few steps to verify your identity so we can add information to your credit report.


Sign up

Sign up for a monthly subscription.


Get credit

Every month when you pay Campus Advantage, we'll report it to all three bureaus.


per month


Protect yourself from the effects of a data breach

One in four people experiences identify theft. Don't leave things to chance in the current climate - stay on top of changes that affect your credit, instantly.


Detect key changes with 24/7 instant alerts.

This is your data, and we keep you in control of it. We're doing more than catching identity theft; we'll let you know if your credit card balances change, or if a late payment is reported.

New Credit Inquiries

New Accounts

New Public Records

Score Improvement


Late Payments


New Addresses

Credit protection is included in your monthly subscription.

Stronger credit means a brighter financial future

With a better credit score, you can:


Save thousands of dollars on lower interest rates

Get approved for a car loan or credit card with the best terms

Qualify for a mortgage to buy a home

Get credit for your rent payment now

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